Dev Bounties


Conditions for a task to have a bounty are :

  • It's part of the current milestone.

  • It must be clearly detailed. - If it's a bug, some attempt must be done to fix it before.

Bounty price

The price of the bounty will be fixed by a Centcom member, by estimating how time consuming it will be :

  • Full new system (20 dollars) :

    • Implementing every aspect of a complete major system design doc.

  • Major rework / Major feature (15 dollars) :

    • Major rework : Heavy changes on an existing system, full reorganization, significant boost in performance/readability/re-usability.

    • Major feature : Adding some lengthy and complex classes/struct/prefabs, complex methods.

  • Minor rework / Minor feature / Major fix (10 dollars) :

    • Minor rework : Changing a chunk of an existing system, a few classes/methods.

    • Minor feature : Changing a few classes, adding small classes.

    • Major fix : Fix impacting multiple systems and hard to solve.

  • Minor Bug fix / Small feature (5 dollars) :

    • Minor Feature : Small change to existing code.

    • Minor bug fix : bug that doesn't affect multiple system, that can be solved in a few changes (usually a few lines).

Claiming a Bounty

Anyone can claim a bounty. Bounty claimers have to show regularity in their progress to keep the bounty claim. After two weeks of inactivity (no substantial commit or change to a design doc), and if no justification is provided, anyone else can claim the bounty, on a decision of a Centcom member. One person can't claim two bounties at the same time, they can only work on one bounty task at once.

Bounty price modification

Bounty price can be modified when a pull request is ready and only upon accepting a pull request. The bounty price can only go up. As an example, if what was believed to be a simple bug fix, actually needed a major rework, then the bounty price will be adjusted to reflect fairly the work of the contributor. The decision is taken by a Centcom member.

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