Sites & Accounts

These are all of the sites we use for Space Station 3D.

Developed on our "Website" GitHub repo (see GitHub section below).

The domain name is currently owned and paid for by Grimmie (or Judge on our Discord).


Most of our wiki and documents have been moved here.

GitHub Repositories:
  • Art - the repository for all of our art assets. This is helpful because we store the source files for the assets here, making them easier to edit in the future.

  • Website - is what it sounds like, it's the repo for our website, which hosts our monthly devblog as well as various information and contribution guides.

  • CentCom - is the repo for our central communications server, which manages user registration, authentication, and character storage, similar to what Byond is to SS13.

  • SS3D - is our main repo which is the repo for the game itself as well as the implementation board (for technical tasks) and this wiki.

GitHub Owners:
  • CosmicCoincidence

  • John

  • Probably Not

Trello Boards:
  • Management - used for management tasks.

  • Ideas - used to store ideas about game systems or content.

  • Models - 3d model tasks.

  • Rig Models - 3d model tasks of models that will require rigging.

  • Animations - tasks for 3d animations.

  • 2D - for 2d graphic and texture tasks.

  • VFX - tasks for visual effects like shaders.

  • SFX - tasks for sound effects or music.

The Trello team consists of all of the members of the council. In addition, some more trusted contributed have write access on some boards (e.g. Konstantin3001 has access to the 2D board).



Used for opening other accounts and general emails.

GoogleDrive is used as a dropbox for submitted assets, which are then reviewed and prepared for use prior to being moved into the GitHub project. In addition, CentCom uses the GoogleDrive for hosting other things like artwork and documents.

All assets saved here fall under our art license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

For posting development tutorials, tests, new content, art, etc..


Discord is the official method of communication for the SS3D community and devs. This includes posting WIP content for criticism and discussing game designs. There are also many people willing to help in various genres of game development.

CentCom members and mods moderate the Discord. CosmicCoincidence is the owner.

Reddit is for posting announcements, memes, WIP, art, etc..

Currently owned by Grimmie, and moderated by various CentCom members.

For posting devblogs and occasional funnies.

Mostly run by ProbablyNot.


PayPal is our monetary hub, all donations get funneled and recorded here prior to be distributed to project costs. When donating to the PayPal, you can use the link provided or send money directly to our email (

Where you can subscribe to us and donate a small amount each month. This money gets forwarded to the PayPal.

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