Grizzly Bear 11 Shadow Fill is used for big UI buttons in menus, while Do Heyon is used for pretty much everything default, like menu text, user input, chat messages, etc.

Square Deal is used for window headers and secondary headings in documents.

Font Spessman Regular is generally used for titles or in places when WORDS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BIG.

Unique Fonts

There is a Work In Progress idea for generation of unique fonts. It's not a priority, but the main idea sounds like this:

Digital Fonts

Digital fonts are the fonts used on digital devices like computers and tablets. They are also used for things like borgs or printing a note at the printer. These fonts resemble more of your typical computer fonts.

Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten fonts are used for writing on paper (and similar things) with pens/pencil/etc. The font for your character's handwriting would be randomized each round and could be used as evidence against you. (could work for spraypaint letters too) (if a borg did the writing it would be a normal computer font still).

In theory, if every player has unique handwriting which is randomized for each round, we would likely need close to 100 or even more hand written fonts. One way to achieve this would be to sample a bunch of the contributor's normal handwriting and convert these to fonts to use. Another way around this would be to generate the fonts themselves from a collection of letters based on style. Come up with several styles (blocky, bubble, thin, cursive, messy, etc), and then make 5-6 different letters for each style. Your hand writing will now be generated by first randomly selecting a style then randomly selecting each letter (according to the style). This way hand written fonts will truly be random and identifying them will be harder and more engaging, players also can't memorize or save them. Alternatively, we can use a font generator like analyzing 50k fonts using deep neural networks.

With unique handing writing, how would you get away with a threatening note while also hiding your identity?... Magazine scrap writing. Basically a font with randomized sizes, font colors, and background colors. The player would actually need to cut (using scissors, wire cutters, or a scalpel) up books or magazines to aquire letters for their message.

Language Fonts

Language fonts are determined by, you guessed it, your language. They can be used both digitally and for handwriting (not sure yet if the same font will be used for both or if we make variants). [See images below for examples]

Transcribing languages can be another small part of the librarian’s job. Although there will be software available on PDAs and computers to translate messages, hand written messages will need to be transcribed through language dictionaries available in the library. Each book can give like 50 letters and each magazine gives 25.

Languages to consider:

  • Human

  • Clown

  • Grays - eldritch style?

  • Vox - eldritch style?

  • Reptilian

  • Moth

  • Plasmeme

  • Cult - Runic

  • Wizard

  • Syndicate - Maybe have specific codes to pick up on, and unless you're a syndicate, you gotta REALLY work to find out things (add incentives for this, maybe science or a tcomms agent can intercept messages from syndicate command or whatever and relay their info).

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