Window Composition

Windows are UI elements opened when interacting with certain environment items, like accessing the terminal or a piece of tech that is not detailed enough on the level of its model/texture.

Most windows should be interactable, movable and closable. I suggest the design that retains the dark and semi-transparent work area, but has a distinct header with a recognizable close button and a readable name. This header should be wide enough to click on to drag the whole window through the screen.

The text within should be bright and buttons or highlighted elements should have the frame in color of the header. Said color should be brighter then the work area of the window, yet overall diluted to not distract the player too much and spare their eyes. The exact hue can be chosen within unity and changed depending on the window type, window order or other parameters.

Interactable Elements

The window can also have interactable elements within. They should be bright and readable enough on the window's background and, preferably, should retain some vector style. See an airlock control panel from SS14, for example:

It’s planned to be made out of several individual interactive parts: light bulbs and wires, with several versions of each (uncut, cut or fixed wire, lit or unlit light bulb). For obvious reasons, those versions are better made in the same style.

Note that the photo is the rendered or captured character model with a filter to limit its color to the pallet.

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