Head Items

Difficulty: Very Easy

Given that head items almost always need to be weighted only to the head, this is the simplest type of cosmetic item to add, and is very beginner-friendly.

Hair & Hat Interactions

When modeling a head item, you may want to take a peek at the supplied hair models within the rigging guide. Given that hair and hats both need to fit on a player's head, hair needs to change its shape depending on the hat.

As such, hairstyles have four possible shape keys: hats, helmets, masks, and hoods. For helmets that cover the entire head, like hardsuit helmets, the hair may be hidden entirely.

When designing a head item, you may want to enable the desired hair shape key and design around it.

Rigging Head Items

After you're done, consider whether your hat needs a held variant based on the type of head item you created.

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