(Most of this should be elaborated on at some point.)


  • They’re fine as long as they’re at and won’t be animated.


  • Don’t triangulate your models.

Inverted normals

  • By inverting the normals of a model you can achieve an interesting pseudo transparency effect.

  • It’s not realistic but we’re not aiming for realism.

Double sided

  • Many thin objects such as paper, leaves or cloth don’t need to have proper thickness, but for performance the engine does backface culling, where faces that are “backwards” aren’t rendered.

  • This can be avoided by selecting the mesh, duplicating and then inverting the normals.


  • Always at the center (XZ) and base (Y) of the object.

Modeling with NURBS

  • Cables and wires, but also some round but geometric objects like the plastic “cup” chair.

Cell fracture

  • To shatter objects for ingame destruction. Takes some setup.

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