Advanced Crafting

Advanced Crafting is a way for characters to make better Weapons, Clothing, Food and other various items, using a specific workstation (such as a Workbench, Stove, Microwave, Fabricator, Forge or other).

In order to implement Advanced crafting, an Advanced Recipe List (ARL) should be implemented first.

Advanced Recipe List (ARL)

This list should contain the IDโ€™s and quantities of various items and materials used for crafting, IDโ€™s for needed tools and the IDโ€™s and quantities of the resulting items, as well as the type of the crafting station.

Example of the entry from the said list:

  "type": "workbench",
  "result": "Flamethrower",
  "time": "20 s",
  "tool": [ { "Screwdriver " } ],
  "component": [ [ [ "Welding Tool", 1 ], [โ€œIgniterโ€, 1], [โ€œMetal_rodโ€, 1] ] ]

Where (the names of these can change):

  • "type" is a type of the crafting station;

  • "result" is the object, created in the end of the completed recipe;

  • "time" is the length of waiting for an action in the recipe to be completed;

  • "tool" is the object, that is supposed to be used (depleting the set amount of fuel or durability for one action), but not consumed;

  • "component" is the set of objects consumed in the crafting process;

This set of recipes requires a Screwdriver as a tool, 1 Igniter, 1 Rod and 1 Welding Tool to create Flamethrower

Crafting menu should be implemented for this kind of crafting.

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