Counter Adjacency Connections

Counter connections use the โ€œCounter Adjacency Connectorโ€ script. This script is very similar to the basic adjacency connections but has a couple of unique shapes that are specific to counters. The basic shapes โ€œOโ€, โ€œUโ€, โ€œIโ€, โ€œLโ€, โ€œTโ€, and โ€œXโ€ are all the same from the basic connector. The unique counter shapes are defined below:

U2 - A โ€œUโ€ type variant that is shortened. The reason for this is it can be used to connect Counters to Walls.

Door - A special โ€œIโ€ type variant that can be rotated to allow it to open.

Door Frame - A special โ€œIโ€ type variant that is used with the Door variant (on the same tile).

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