Primary Antags

Primary antagonists are usually more detailed with more complex abilities and goals. They are designed to have a large impact on the round, and as such, they are usually only spawned at the start of a round.


Traitors are the most basic and classic of all antagonists, but by no means is it easy. You secretly work for your station's rival corporation, the Syndicate. It is your goal to complete whatever objectives they have requested of you.

At the beginning of your job, you are given objectives you must fulfill, and an uplink you can use to spawn illicit items using a limited number of points. Traitor objectives can be anything from theft to murder. Traitors on the station are not only just traitors, but also whatever job they picked at the start of the round.

A scientist traitor will have a completely different set of tools at their disposal compared to a janitor traitor, putting victory at higher or lower difficulties depending on who you are, what your objective is, and how resourceful you can be.

In order to claim victory as a traitor, you must fulfill your objective, and survive until the end of the round, outside of captivity (ie. you cannot be in jail, and you cannot be turned into a cyborg.) That is, unless one of your objectives is to die a glorious deathโ€ฆ

Nuclear Operatives

Nuclear operatives are composed of a number of individuals whose main goal is to blow up the entire station using, you guessed it, a nuke. Thereโ€™s only one problem; they must first locate the nuclear activation disk, which lies in the hands of the station's captain.

Similarly to traitors, nuclear operatives are also employed by the Syndicate corporation and thus have access to the same set of syndicate tools and weaponry. Usually syndicate get many more points and equipment options to use though.

Also, these antagonists work together as a squad, and will often create plans with a lot of high-octane action that usually ends in a bloodbath. Nuclear operatives are arguably the most dangerous thing that can happen on board the station.

More Primary Antags

We will write up more details about some of these or just link to SS13 wikis about them later. Not crucial right now.

  • Changelings who can alter their appearance to achieve their goals.

  • Malfunctioning AI with altered laws.

  • Cultists who aim to summon an ancient deity.

  • Revolutionaries who aim to drive a mutiny to overthrow the department heads.

  • Renegade wizards without a cause.

  • Gangsters who pit the crew against each other.

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