End of the line.

Death is a (semi)permanent disability, suffered by biological characters. Character is counted as Dead upon death of a brain (or an alternative organ/device responsible for higher neural/computational functions). The general order of a natural death of the body (or brain removal) is as follows:

  1. Neural activity stops, the body is unable to move. Remedied by brain reconnection or implantation with an AI tech.

  2. Heart stops, blood flow stops. Remedied by Torso surgery to connect the Circulatory system to the medical blood pump.

  3. Organs and all other layers stop receiving O2 and nutrients. Remedied by surgical removal of the organs prior to their death and connecting them to life support containers. (Organs not connected to the Circulatory system start taking oxygen damage)

  4. Organs and all other layers take oxygen damage. Systems that require nutrients to sustain regenerative functions stop doing that. Blood starts being replaced with a substance โ€œStale bloodโ€, that cannot be used for transfusions. Blood staleness is prevented by pumping it out of the body and storing it in a cold place.

  5. Organsโ€™ health lowers. Organs that deplete their health die and cannot be used as functional transplantation organs. Not remedied

  6. The Muscular, Circulatory, and Nervous systems continue taking damage as they rot. At the point of 0 health they cannot be used as a transplant (limb transplant, for example). Not remedied unless transplanted before death of a layer or removed from the body and stored in a life support container.

  7. The Muscular system continues to lose health down to -100, at which point the muscles cannot be harvested as human meat and cooked. Remedied by storing the body in a cold storage prior to this point or harvesting meat immediately.

As stated, the death of the brain is the death of the character. But it might not be the end! Possible options to continue the game are becoming a ghost to fly freely over the station in spectator mode or taking a role for a ghost, such as an AI for a personal PDA, little robots or possible poltergeist antagonist. See Ghosts in Roles section for more info.

Players can also be cloned/resurrected/regenerated. The brain (or the body with one) can be thrown into a cloning vat to be rebuilt and restored. For balancing, this process might require a lot of energy or nutrients to do its magic. For RP balancing, the lore of the game claims a short term amnesia is a constant side-effect of the revival, so players canโ€™t just wait for someone to clone their character back and use their knowledge prior to their death to point at the antagonist who (most likely) killed them.

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