Player Characters

Humanoids on the station are varied, and make use of a flexible character customization system. The vast majority of humanoid characters are actually player-created, and each player can save and load characters to play throughout different rounds of the game. Players may also opt to go for randomly generated characters, if they don’t wish to spend time creating their own.

When creating a custom character, players have access to a range of customization options, including sex, hair style, hair color, skin color, eye color, facial hair style, eyebrow style, jaw width, height, and other bodily proportions.

In some cases, the player may also change their species from human to lizardman, or moth person, and so on. (Implementation of non-humanoid species are not out of the question, but have developmental hurdles that may need to be crossed in order to make them function, such as new sets of animations or custom-fitted clothing.)

In regards to clothing, players will often be swapping between various articles depending on the circumstances that arise on the station. Clothes can give different abilities and perks, depending on the clothing.

A space suit influences the player’s ability to survive a vacuum, whereas insulated gloves may be needed to handle electrical elements. A hardsuit may be more protective against hazards than your undies, but you’re definitely able to run faster in your undies. And when players aren’t dressing for the job, they can simply dress for fashion instead.

Death in SS3D is certainly an affair, but not a permanent one. Whether a player has died from gunshot or disease, all players will leave their bodies in the form of ghosts, which vaguely resemble their past selves.

Ghosts are the spectators of the round – but that doesn’t mean they are not from participating; there does exist a chance the player’s body is resurrected by medical staff, or by other odd circumstances.

However, if the player has given up hope that their body can be found, or is even salvageable, the player may simply float around the station, seeing what everyone else is up to.

Alternatively, if that isn’t enough for the player, they may also participate in the form of ghost roles, which allows their soul to enter a new entity (becoming a new character). For a better picture of what these ghost roles entail, see the section Ghost Roles under the In-Game Roles heading. Ghost roles may include lesser entities like animals, insects, or creatures due to the limit of humanoid roles available in a round.

Alternatively, ghosted players may be given a point system so they might be able to affect the station in other ways, such as placing cobwebs, or nudging objects with their ghostly powers.

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