The medical department is responsible for keep the crewmember alive and healthy by use of the latest (and sometimes older) technology.

Doctors & Paramedics

Quantity: 3-5

Medical doctors are the station’s answer to a dying crew. Players working the medical bay will find themselves tasked with keeping the station alive when things go wrong, and will be utilizing every piece of equipment at their disposal to do so.

Defibrillators, scalpels, ointments, sleeper beds, bone saws, IV’s, and a lot more. Medical doctors will be tending to patients who suffer from a broad range of ailments, which could be anything from a bruise to full-on decapitation. When the station is in complete turmoil, the fate of the station lies in the hands of these players.

This role is perfect for players who enjoy assisting others, and those who thrive in the chaos the station will inevitably fall into. Doctors can rest knowing that even if there’s no immediate threat, there will always be someone incompetent enough to hurt themselves on the job.

Some stations (usually ones with larger populations) will also have paramedics. Paramedics are essentially the same thing as doctors, but the primary difference is that doctors tend to wait in the medical bay for patients to come to them and paramedics go seek out patients to either treat locally if benign or bring them back to the medbay for more critical care.


Quantity: 2

As the chemist, players are in control of producing a large range of chemical substances that serve a large range of purposes. As stated in the bartender’s description, the job of the chemist is quite similar to the job of the bartender, as the chemist will be pouring chemicals into beakers to get perfect ratios that produce new reagents, much like how the bartender mixes drinks.

The chemist may also be expected to heat up or cool down substances to get different reactions, and performs a key role in ensuring that the station doesn’t fall victim to hallucinations, diseases, a lack of cleaning products or healing substances, and more.

The role of the chemist is great for players who are up to the challenge of learning and performing complex tasks with many steps quickly depending on the urgency of the situation. On downtime, the chemist may enjoy throwing together substances to make useful or deadly reactions.


Quantity: 1-2

Put simply, a player who chooses the role of the virologist will be responsible for creating and studying viruses, using monkeys as their testing ground. Should a player contract a foreign virus, it is partly your responsibility to create a cure.

While studying viruses, the player will gradually acquire an index of what makes a virus tick, including symptoms, stats, and bonuses granted by the virus, which allows the player to create their own viruses with unique effects. Should you survive long enough, you may go on to create helpful viruses that give players incredible abilities, like eternal youth, or instantaneous beard growth.

However, screw up hard enough, and the entire crew gets sick, then spontaneously combusts. This role is great for players who want a high-risk, high-reward experience with high potential to worsen or improve the station.


Quantity: 2

Should a player put themselves in the role of a geneticist, they’ll find that their job isn’t too dissimilar to the virologist, in the sense that they’ll be locating harmful and beneficial genetic deformities, which they may or may not want to distribute to the rest of the crew.

When altering something’s DNA, one may find that it’s quite possible to completely change one’s physical form, whether that means changing everyone into the same person, or just turning yourself into a monkey. Somewhere within the DNA of a test subject, a geneticist will locate super powers, crippling disabilities, and amusing mutations that should be distributed, or kept far away from the crew.

This job type is ideal for people who want to be purveyors of oddities on the station. Ideally, there is little true downtime for geneticists, as there is always another mutation to add to their collection.

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