The silicons' goals are to assist the living crew (non-silicons) of the station, answering their demands as long as those demands to not conflict with one of their internal laws. The laws can be changed and customized by the living crew given they have the permission.


The station AI is subordinate to all the crew members on the station, aside from other silicons.

General there is only 1 AI on a station, but on a rare occasion you may see more.

The AI has a lot of power over the functions of the station, and can open any door as well as operate a wide variety of machinery.

Since consciousness inhabits a processing unit (the AI core), the gameplay is not centered around a body in the way that most other entities are. Instead the majority of their duties utilizes the stationโ€™s security cameras to gain visibility to the things they need. If a security camera is removed, broken, hacked or loses power, the AI can no longer see out of it.


Cyborgs are subordinate to all crew members, including the AI, unless orders conflict with their laws.

Cyborgs (aka "borgs") function very similarly to your average crew member, but are more specialized for completing specific tasks. Due to this specialization, borgs have both advantages and disadvantages compared to their fleshy counterparts.

Upon creation, a cyborg can choose a specialization, such as engineering, security, or medical. After choosing a special, cyborgs may enjoy having more 'hands' than your average crewmember, but will notice that they arenโ€™t as dexterous as organic hands.

Cyborg hands are more like tools than hands, they can be swapped out on the fly for various components stored in the torso based on the cyborgโ€™s specialization.

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