Moving an object implies different things depending on the object you're trying to move.

  1. Pick Up - the character takes the object with their hand, picking it up, and carries it with them.

  2. Grab - the character grabs hold of the object with 1 or more hands, to pull/push or even strangle.

More accurately it depends on the size of the object you're trying to move.

Examples of small objects
  • Most items; tools, clothing, food, weapons, building materials, etc.

  • Small furniture; stools, blender, cell charger, etc.

  • Small entities; lizard, birds, cockroach, fish, cats, small robots, etc.

Examples of medium objects
  • Large items; large boxes, large sacks of vegetables, etc.

  • Medium furniture; chairs, microwave, small crates, etc.

  • Medium entities; humanoids, dogs, medium robots, etc.

Examples of large objects
  • Most furniture; fridge, large crates, water tanks, lockers, tables, etc.

  • Large entities; cow, goat, xeno queen, etc.

So how do we decide when to pick up and when to drag? We check the number of available hands..

  • small objects - always pick up

  • medium objects + one free hand - drag

  • medium objects + two free hands - pick up

  • large objects - always drag

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