Secondary Antags

Secondary antagonists are usually more basic with less unique abilities and goals. They are designed to have little impact on the round, and as such, they are usually only spawned in the middle of the round.


Blobs are a station-eating blobulous mass that intends on feasting on the station everyone inhabits. The goal for the blob is simple: consume. As a blob, the player must choose a location for the core of their body to spawn, from which point the blob will begin to spread.

Spreading into occupied tiles will destroy the tile. Performing actions as a blob costs resource points, which generate over time. The player can choose to allocate resource points to lay down specialized blob tiles, as well as production of smaller allies that can travel and deal damage.

For a comprehensive list of the blobโ€™s abilities, see here. Biologically, not all blobs are alike, and each blob may have different attributes depending on its strain. For a list of blob strains and how they react, see here.

Victory for the blob occurs when the blob reaches its goal for the number of tiles occupied.

More Secondary Antags

We will write up more details about some of these or just link to SS13 wikis about them later. Not crucial right now.

  • Gray aliens who abduct crew members for experimentation.

  • Chest-bursting aliens who serve the queen.

  • Giant spiders who want to turn the station into a nest.

  • Self-replicating robots that eat all the stationโ€™s resources.

  • Phantoms who aim to exact vengeance on the station.

  • Morphs, creatures that can look like anything, and just desire to eat.

  • Shadow creatures who aim to destroy all lights on the station.

  • Space ninjas which utilize stealth and deadly force to fulfill objectives.

  • Slaughter demons, which simply aim to kill everybody.

  • Pirates that strive to steal any and all things valuable.

  • Sentient diseases which aim to find a way to spread off-station.

  • Fugitives which use the station as their refuge fromโ€ฆ

  • Hunters which storm the station to find fugitives.

  • Space dragons which aim to fill the station with space carp.

  • Sentient slimes who may or may not be aggressive.

  • Rat kings, who want an army of rats. And cheese.

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