The science department's goal is to build, maintain, and upgrade various station technologies like communications, AI, robotics, tools, and more.


Quantity: 3-5

The scientists on the station occupy a crucial role on the station โ€“ updating various technologies for the station and conduct research in a variety of sub-departments.

Players in this role have a wide range of facilities at their disposal, such as a toxins research lab, experimental lab, and slime farm; all of which allow the science department to rack up research points they can use to climb research trees.

Enough research points will allow the station to develop greater tools and weapons, and also improve productivity of existing machinery. The scientistโ€™s job is to figure out how to get research points using the available resources, and find out what the station needs sooner than anything else on the tech tree. This job allows for a lot of sandboxing, all in the name of science.


Quantity: 2-3

Players who enjoy seeing their creations move may want to choose the roboticist role, as their primary objective is, as you may imagine, creating & maintaining robots & cyborgs. As one of the easier jobs, the roboticist will find themselves worrying more about the assembly portion of the robot creation process rather than the software portion.

This is mostly because basic robots are brainless, while cyborgs are controlled by actual players. Whether the brain is artificial or real, the roboticists can insert it into a cyborg body, upon which it will carry out the roles of your typical cyborg.

Alongside robots & cyborgs, the roboticists can also create powerful mechs, which can often be the stationโ€™s final line of defense against highly dangerous threats to the station. Mechs are a large vehicle that humanoid players can control.

This role is often the portal back into the game for other players who have died (they can become a cyborg), and can be a great way for a newer player to learn while also contributing to other playersโ€™ experiences.

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