Menu and User Case

There is a variety of things one can make with a welder and some metal rods. From floor girders to wall girders to a machine frame. So, when the materials and tools allow for several options of constructions, the player must be presented with choice. This will be done via construction menu:

This menu should include a list of possible structures according to the materials/tools available. The list should include a name and picture of each object.

Clicking on an object in the list should provide more information on the object like description, required materials and tools for construction as well as deconstruction.

Also, the structure's model with applied holographic shader will be displayed, attached to the closest adjacent tile to where player is standing and facing. Green shader for when the tile is free and red if it's not. Player character should be able to move while choosing the construction tile and the shadered model location should be updated according to the rules above. Player should also be able to rotate the structure if necessary, and also to quickly disable construction mode in case of an emergency. And, obviously, when location is available, player should be able to confirm the chosen location.

Once the location is chosen, the character should play a crafting animation, resources should be expanded and a bunch of smoke and particles should be played to obscure the change from empty space to the freshly built structure.

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