Keep it close and personal.


LEFT_CLICK on a grabbed (lvl1) target character while Combat mode is disabled will result in careful Fireman-carrying the target (Should prevent the targetโ€™s body from collisions with objects on the floor). Attempt to grab the already dragged inactive targets/inanimate objects of comparable size should result in the same type of animation. The action itself needs 2 empty hands, and the same amount to safely put the body down. While Fireman-carrying the target, one hand is permanently unavailable.

Grabbing an already grabbed (lvl1) target character will result in grabbing the target stronger.

(This action automatically enables Combat mode) (The resulting aggressive grab (lvl 2) would be N% harder for the target character to break from. Disabling Combat mode would make lvl2 and higher grabs become lvl1 grab again. All grab moves from lvl 2 and higher require Combat mode enabled)

Clicking on another character while ready to engage in combat (see red UI element) results in firmly restraining the target.

LEFT_CLICK+CTRL on an active target character, while having an empty hand and Combat mode is enabled, will result in grabbing the target in the aggressive grab (lvl 2) right away.

Grabbing an aggressively grabbed (lvl2) target character, while having two empty hands, will result in automatically switching to the neck (or head, depending on the UI detail) on the UI dummy and grabbing the target even stronger.

(The resulting neck grab (lvl 3) would be M% (where N<M) harder for the target character to break from.)

These levels serve a purpose of the preparation to choking someone and giving plenty of opportunities to back down, just in case.

Grabbing an already captured target automaticly makes you go for the throat.

Grabbing a target character already grabbed by the neck (lvl3) will result in an attempt to strangle the target.

(The resulting strangling grab (lvl 4) would be L% (where M<L) harder for the target character to break from. Target in the strangling grab would be dealt suffocation damage over time. Target character may attempt to resist being grabbed with a certain chance of success.)

The moment where your character watches the light leave the eyes of their target.

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