Ways to remedy the damage.

Every damage type has a way to be treated with professional help. Most of the damage can be negated or remedied by providing the damaged part with a substance designed to deal with it.

Substance Exposure

Reagents should be introduced into the bloodstream at various rates depending on the type of 'exposure'.

  • Injecting: would instantly introduce reagents to the bloodstream. Requires IV stand, syringe or hypo applied to the bodypart (+ CIRCULATORY connected to it).

  • Inhaling: introduces reagents fast, but not instantly. Requires at least one working lung (+ CIRCULATORY connected to it) and either breathing mask connected to a source of gas/dispersed reagent or said reagent introduced to the stationโ€™s atmosphere.

  • Digesting: slowly extracts reagents located in intestines. Requires working intestines (+ CIRCULATORY connected to it).

  • Topical: skin absorbs reagents very slowly. Requires a reagent or a patch/bandage/dandaid containing it applied to a bodypart with a not-dead MUSCLE layer (+ CIRCULATORY connected to it).

This way, for example, a combat stim patch would be good for negating the effect of a wound temporarily, a pill would be perfect for long engagements with a very low overdose risk and an autoinjector would be an ace up your sleeve at the risk of an overdose if the dosage is too high.

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