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Implemented Controls

Almost all currently implemented controls can be seen and edited in Content/Input/Controls.InputAction.

Specific buttons are bolded. Tapping a button is colored green. Holding a button is colored blue.

  • Tap LMB = primary interaction

  • Hold RMB = interaction wheel

  • Tap X = swap active hand

  • Tap W/A/S/D = move character

  • Tap Shift = toggle run/walk

  • Tap 1/3 = rotate camera 90 degrees left/right

  • Hold 1/3 = rotate camera freely left/right

  • Hold -/= = rotate camera down/up

User Interface
  • Tap Esc = toggle menu


Tap C = toggle chat


Map Editor
  • Tap B = toggle map editor

  • Tap R = rotate tilemap object

  • Tap LMB = place tilemap object

  • Hold Shift + Tap LMB = replace tilemap object

  • Hold Shift + Drag LMB = place tilemap objects

Control Ideas

Ideas and discussions for future game controls have been consolidated on our Trello page. See below.

Control ideas.

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