The supply department is responsible for the transportation and transaction of good coming on and going off the station. This includes buying/selling thing via a cargo shuttle, as well as mining/salvaging resources from nearby cosmic bodies, debris fields, or derelict stations.


Quantity: 3-4

AKA a cargo technician (but I dont like that name).

The handlers' main job, predictably, is to handle cargo, loading things on and off cargo shuttles, and sometimes deliveries to departments. But thats only half the job, the other half is paperwork; that means approving or denying shipment requests from the rest of the crew, and placing the order to Central Command accordingly.

Their secondary responsibility is to fulfill bounties given to the station for money; does Central Command want a crate full of pens for some reason? Better ship off a crate full of pens.

Cargo is a great beginning job that never really runs out of tasks, thanks there always being money to earn or spend, and can be very rewarding to the well-being of a station during a supply shortage in any department.

Miners & Salvagers

Quantity: 3-4

Miners and salvagers have essentially the same job in that they both adventure off away from the station (often times using a shuttle) to look for and retrieve usable resources for the station.

The resources could be anything from raw materials or strange plants, to abandoned hardware or strange artifacts. There will also be plenty of surprises and dangers.

The main difference between the 2 jobs is where they are going to retrieve the resources, this determines what resources are available and how to acquire them, which determines the equipment the role requires.

Mining usually entails traveling to a planet-like map and breaking away at the cosmic body to find buried raw materials.

Salvaging usually entails traveling to a station-like map and looting and deconstructing derelict structures for raw materials and components.

Some rounds will only have a location for mining, some will only have a location for salvaging, some will have both.

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