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Improving Destruction

Components & Resources:

In many cases in SS13, when a machine is destroyed it reverts back to being a machine frame and drops all its components. In other cases the machine vanishes entirely, this is a not consistent and not acceptable for us. We need something more immersive and I'm going to take some inspiration from CDDA.

In CCDA when an object is destroyed it checks the list of items used to construct it and drops a % (with some rng) of these items. So if a wall was built with 6 wood planks and 12 nails, it may drop 2-4 planks of wood and 4-10 nails when destroyed.

I think in most cases we should NOT revert back to the previous construction state for destruction (except for like walls), we should instead use damage states and then finally destroy the primary object and leave behind some components like CDDA. To expand on the idea I think we should also drop physical debris relating to a % of the missing (destroyed) components. So in SS3D if we have something built with 4 pieces of sheet glass, when destroyed it may drop 1-2 glass sheets, and 1-2 glass shards. We can add-in particle effects when the object changes states to destroyed and then again when it gets destroyed.

Damaged Resources:

In SS13 (TG) there are glass shard objects. These are dropped when a window or other glass object is broken. I want to expand this trait to all materials, so there is a damaged/broken variant of steel, wood, cloth, cardboard, uranium, diamond (maybe not this one), etc.

Yes, these objects will just be tossed down the disposals by the janitor most of the time, but they also may have more uses based on these ideas: - Trash PilesITEMS - Makeshift Tools/WeaponsITEMS (NEW) (glass shards are already used in some makeshift recipes, why not other damaged material variants like a 'metal chunk') - Actual Recycling?OTHER

More In-depth Repairs:

Using tools (like a welder/screwdriver) to fix objects back from a damaged state. Also ghetto repairs like using tape/glue to cover a cracked vending machine. If that stage of damage accounts for 20% of the vending machine's health, then doing a ghetto repair on this stage would only attribute half of that (10%) but would still make the machine functional.


Blueprint idea (not the same blueprints that the CE has): select an area and all the tiles/fixtures in the area will be saved to a file on your real-world computer.

You can load that file into a blueprint projector, which will make a hologram of the saved tiles/pipes/wires/machines/etc.

'Smart RCD' will automatically deploy the correct floor/wall/pipe/wire when used on a hologram, provided it has the materials. This way you can save builds you spend a while on and deploy them more rapidly in other rounds Furniture and machines still have to be built by hand though Maybe the chief engineer's office has a premade blueprint for each department, to make rebuilding easier Admemes could have a special blueprint projector that autobuilds the whole blueprint.


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