Nanotrasen (NT) is the corporation that owns the space stations and others like it.

Although all crewmembers are technically employees of the Nanotrasen, most work for a specific station rather than directly for the corporation's headquarters.

Quantity for these roles is likely just 1 unless stated otherwise.

NT Administration

Since NT Administrators work directly for Nanotrasen and have high authority in the company, their authority supersedes all crewmembers of the station, including the captain. It is unlikely they will do so though, unless the captain in being unreasonable.

  • Nanotrasen Representitive

  • Nanotrasen Death Squad - (quantity 3-5)

NT Staff Members

These roles can be more flexible according to the roleplay of that round, being made up on the spot even.

Some ideas:

  • Nanotrasen Law Enforcer - op security officer

  • Nanotrasen Medical Technician - op medical doctor

  • Nanotrasen Civil Engineer - op engineer

  • Nanotrasen Safety Officer - makes sure the station is clear of common dangers and hazardous work environments (lol)

  • Nanotrasen Health Inspector - checks to makes sure the food is grown, cooked, & served in a sterile environment and is poison free (lol)

  • Nanotrasen Lawyer - a lawyer with a nicer suit. for when the station needs a lawyer for a court case but doesn't have one, or some rare instance of diplomacy between space factions.

  • Nanotrasen Magician - or some other kind of entertainment role similar to that of clowns or mimes, with a few basic special abilities (built into their gear). They may come with a "Magician's Assistant" role as well (to play along with the allusions).

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