The security department is the department that generally all other departments dislike, but is crucial to the order of the station which can have a large impact on the direction of the round.

Security Officer

Quantity: 4-5

As a security officer, a playerโ€™s objective is simple: keep the station secure! Security officers may enjoy access to a broad range of weaponry and armor, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Players in this role are the offense, and defense when it comes to protecting the station, whether that means arresting the clown for breaking into the morgue, or opening fire down a densely crowded hallway just to take down a hostile monkey. Security officers are responsible for all crew and non-crew infractions, and may face brutal opposition from other players when attempting to perform an arrest.

This role is ideal for players who want to see action, as well as a great deal of responsibility and accountability.


Quantity: 1

The warden plays a simple, yet unique role in the station: watch over the security wing. This means ensuring players donโ€™t break out of prison, and ensuring nobody breaks into the armory. The warden also is in charge of all matters relating to prisoners, unless otherwise stated by the Head of Security.

This role is among the simplest in the entire game, yet can quickly turn into a struggle even for experienced players if the security wing is compromised in any way.


Quantity: 2

Lawyers are a unique role to the security department in that they have no tools or even authority to issue warrants, detain, or release suspects.

Their entire goal relies on using spess law to argue in roleplay court for the safe release of their clients.

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