Basic Adjacency Connections

Basic connections use the โ€œBasic Adjacency Connectorโ€ script and are ultimately the simplest connection type.

These basic shapes are defined below:

O - A variant with no connections.

U - A variant with 1 connection, to the north.

I - A variant with 2 connections opposite of each other, 1 to the north and 1 to the south.

L - A variant with 2 connections adjacent to each other, 1 to the north, and 1 to the east.

T - A variant shaped like a โ€œTโ€, with 3 connections, 1 to the south, east, and west.

X - A variant shaped like a โ€œ+โ€, with 4 connections, 1 to the north, east, south, & west.

The basic adjacency shapes for pipes (left) and tables (right)

These pieces can be rotated to create many various shapes. This works fine for objects that do not have corner connections (pipes, cables, etc.), but this wonโ€™t suffice for objects that do (tables, walls, etc.) because it will leave gaps where the corners meet.

An example of connected pipes and tables.
The same connected table with indicators of the type of the connectables.

Examples of Basic Connections


These heavy-duty high-voltage cables are only used between station engines and related machinery.

Two โ€œIโ€ shapes can cross each other while maintaining separate circuits; they do not have a junction box like the similar โ€œXโ€ shape.

Though similar to wires, wires are more complex (see the โ€œWire Adjacency Connectionโ€ section for more details).

Cables. Connectables separated (with indicators) and combined.

Conveyor Belts

Currently, these do not use a โ€œTโ€ or โ€œXโ€ shape so we can either add those or resolve how a straight piece may connect in such a situation as seen in the image (these may need to get their own unique adjacency connector in the future).

Conveyor Belts. Connectables separated (with indicators) and combined.

HE Pipes

Heat Exchange Pipes donโ€™t require an โ€œOโ€ shape.

They do however have an special โ€œIโ€ shaped called a โ€œJunctionโ€ which connects between the HE pipes and regular pipes on the 4th layer (see the pipe adjacency connections section for more info).

HE Pipes. Connectables separated (with indicators) and combined.

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